Gay Hist-Orgy


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Ian Mackinnon's gay hist-Orgy


Performance activist Ian MacKinnon brings the past to life by tracing the history of gay people in new ways never before seen on stage.  Along the way he covers thousands of years of homo-history to create an evening of laughs and lust, eros and education, humor and heroism. 

The Gay Hist-Orgy revives our history in living color, beginning in the ancient world, and tracing the evolution of gay consciousness up to the present day. A tour de force of historical research and theatrical flair, The Gay Hist-Orgy engages current controversies in queer theory while considering fundamental questions of gay meaning: Who are we as a people, and why are we here?  In a radical departure from social-constructionist theory, Ian emphasizes our connections to this history through the shared bond of same-sex love. 

The Gay Hist-Orgy draws on primary source material from many epochs, including love letters, philosophical treatises, spiritual poetry, 19th century novels, political tracts, and early scientific inquiries into the meaning of homosexuality.

The Gay Hist-Orgy is more than a show; it is an avant-garde historical retelling, depicting not just the lives of important gays but how their love has influenced the progress of art, philosophy, culture, and politics. These pieces draw from the roots of gay liberation to reveal gayness as something unique, radical, and beautiful, with the potential to change the world for the better.

The Gay Hist-Orgy premiered at Highways Performance Space and was originally created under an arts grant from The City of West Hollywood. It has been presented at: Plummer Park West Hollywood, it was the premiere performance at Akbar's Apt. 3F series, The Long Beach Playhouse, Cal State Channel Islands, UC Irvine, Faetopia in San Francisco (2012 & 2013), Skylight Theater's Inkubator Series, Moving Arts, and Spirit Studio Silverlake.

Ian MacKinnon is a gay centered performance activist who has been working in Los Angeles for over 10 years. His one man show series "The Gay Hist-Orgy parts 1-3" have toured universities and theaters all over California. He is the host and co-producer of PLANET QUEER an LGBT experimental performance series on the 3rd Monday of the month at AKBAR. For three and a half years he ran QUEER MONDAYS, a queer performance night at Highways Performance Space where he also served on the Board of Directors. He holds a BFA in Theater and leads "Get More Gay Performance Workshop Series" at Spirit Studio in Silverlake.

Gay Hist-Orgy 3: Mondo-Mythological

  • June - Aug. 2013 Spirit Studio Silverlake, LA
  • June 2013 Faetopia, SF

Gay Hist-Orgy 2: The Search for Gay Love

  • Feb. - Nov. 2012 Moving Arts, LA

  • Skylight Theater Inkubator Series, LA

  • Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica

Gay Hist-Orgy: Horny for History

  • Feb. - Nov. 2012 Moving Arts, LA

  • June 2012 Faetopia, SF

  • The Long Beach Playhouse

  • The One Institute Culture Series

  • CSU Irvine

  • CSU Channel Islands

  • Premiere of Apt. 3F series at Akbar, LA

  • The Great Hall Plummer Park, West Hollywood

  • Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica